Our Company |Café Hacienda Real 


Café Hacienda Real was born in 2005 in Costa Rica with a promise to proudly roast top quality coffee beans. We started out small, but with a giant passion for coffee which we still hold true. We still remain a small operation that only micro roasts every batch in our vintage 24 pound Probat  and our newest 10 pound Bendig roaster. 

We began as an Artisanal operation and to this day, more than ever, we still hold this to our highest standard. Always handcrafted, we still believe in the old ways of doing things: with passion, dedication, hard work and love for our craft. 

You can ask us many times, over and over again: "Which is the best coffee in the world?" We will not say it is Hacienda Real. The best coffee in the world is "The one that YOU truly enjoy"! So with an open heart we  invite you to try for yourself to see if Café Hacienda Real is truly "the one that you will enjoy" cup after cup. 

The two pillars of our success: Our coffee and our customers

We are not the biggest, we will never be the biggest, we don't want to be! But we surely will have fun every step of the way...

Come join us:

Enjoy the journey... enjoy the ride!