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Costa Rica : Soccer and Coffee

Posted by goldenbean on 23rd Jun 2014

Costa Rica is known for many things: Eco-Adventures, its beaches, volcanos, its great coffee and now more than ever its soccer team. The "Ticos" have stunned the soccer world in the World Cup that is … read more

Free Artisan Costa Rican Brewer

Posted by on 23rd Apr 2014

Order our 10 pound special and receive a Free Artisan Costa Rican Brewer. The original pour over, before pour over was made popular. Impress your guests as you pour them the freshest brew on the … read more

Costa Rica Coffee Regions - Poás Volcano

Posted by on 3rd Mar 2014

Costa Rica Coffee Producing Region -  Central Valley-Volcán PoásCosta Rica has 8 coffee producing regions. One of them is the Central Valley region,  characterized by volcanic soils from thr … read more

French Press Brew Guide

Posted by goldenbean on 28th Feb 2014

One of the purest forms to drink coffee is via the French Press. If you are new to this method of brewing, view  our guide for a step by step instruction of how to achieve great results.Water tem … read more