Costa Rica : Soccer and Coffee

Posted by goldenbean on 22nd Jun 2014

Costa Rica is known for many things: Eco-Adventures, its beaches, volcanos, its great coffee and now more than ever its soccer team. The "Ticos" have stunned the soccer world in the World Cup that is currently taking place in Brazil, beating two powerhouses in Uruguay and Italy assuring them a spot in the second round. Without a doubt they have opened up the eyes of the world and now everybody is talking about the small central american country. A nation that has no military yet has an army of 23 courageous and proud warriors representing the nation of peace and coffee. Now soccer joins coffee as a gourmet export that has captivated the world. The illustration above depicts the meeting of the 2 passions that emerge from Costa Rica: Coffee and Soccer, represented by the national team colors. Best of luck in the adventure that remains... Enjoy the journey...Enjoy the ride!