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Coffee Roast and Brew Guide | Micro Roasted Coffee



Light Roast - Brewing Recommendation

DescriptionA flavorful coffee with a light body. Sweet and fruity notes with a medium acidity. A clean and refreshing cup from start to finish. Very smooth, a perfect afternoon coffee. Great for drip brew, french press or pour over (Costa Rican Coffee Dripper).




medium roast - brewing recommendations

Description: A balanced and versatile coffee. Posesses a fragrant aroma and a medium body. Subtle hints of caramel and chocolate with a mild acidity. A versatile roast that can be enjoyed in the morning, afternoon or evening. Great for drip brew, french press and pour over (Costa Rican Coffee Dripper). Makes a smooth and sweet espresso.    




dark roast - brewing recommendations 

Description: Characterized by a full body and very low acidity. Vibrant and strong, this is the perfect coffee to get you going in the morning. Bold flavors that end in with smoky sweet notes. A strong aroma that resonates on your palate. Great for drip brew, french press and pour over (Costa Rican Coffee Dripper). Makes an excellent espresso.


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