Cafe Artesanal

Posted by goldenbean on 24th Feb 2014

All of our coffees are a true Café Artesanal (Artisan Coffee). Always roasted and packaged by hand in small batches. Now our new one pound Artisan Bags take it one step further: Hand Stamped on a kraf … read more

Green Coffee Prices Sizzle

24th Feb 2014

24-Feb-2014Brazil's Hot and Dry... Green Coffee SizzlesScorching weather and no rain in Brazil's coffee producing regions of Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo have sent coffee prices climbing very quick … read more

What is Peaberry ?

Posted by Goldenbean on 20th Feb 2014

Peaberrry coffee beans are a truly special "mistake" created by nature. A coffee cherry is made up of two halves or two beans. In rare cases, when these halves are forming they fuse into one creating … read more