Peaberry 1 Pound

$8.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Hacienda Real Peaberry Artisan Coffee

What is Peaberry?

Peaberry is the result of a naturally occuring defect in a coffee cherry. The majority of coffee cherries produce two bean halves. Due to certain imbalances in the coffee tree, some cherries produce only one fused bean which is known as a Peaberry. This bean carries a more intense flavor than a regular bean. Very limited quanties are produced each year, accounting for only 2% of Hacienda Real's total production! Only a rigurous selection process in which a special classifier is usedd, can seperate the peaberry from the regular bean. Try it and be delighted! buy peaberry coffee here at

Comes in a Natural Kraft Bag that is laminated on the inside for long lasting flavor and also features a degassing valve. Once opened, the clip provided makes it easy to close up your bag.

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