******PEABERRY COFFEE 10.5 OZ******

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Peaberry Artisan Coffee - 10.5 oz bag | Hacienda Real

What is Peaberry Coffee?

Peaberry is the result of a naturally occuring defect in a coffee cherry. The majority of coffee cherries produce two bean halves. Due to certain imbalances in the coffee tree, some cherries produce only one fused bean which is known as a Peaberry. This bean carries a more intense flavor than a regular bean. Very limited quanties are produced each year, accounting for only 2% of Hacienda Real's total production! Only a rigurous selection process in which a special classifier is usedd, can seperate the peaberry from the regular bean. Try it and be delighted! buy peaberry coffee here at goldenbean.net

Our 10.5 ounce bag is great for trying or as a gift. Comes with a resealable tin tie.

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