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Costa Rica : Soccer and Coffee

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Costa Rica is known for many things: Eco-Adventures, its beaches, volcanos, its great coffee and now more than ever its soccer team. The "Ticos" have stunned the soccer world in the World Cup that is currently taking place in Brazil, beating two powerhouses in Uruguay and Italy assuring them a spot in the second round. Without a doubt they have opened up the eyes of the world and now everybody is talking about the small central american country. A nation that has no military yet has an army of 23 courageous and proud warriors representing the nation of peace and coffee. Now soccer joins coffee as a gourmet export that has captivated the world. The illustration above depicts the meeting of the 2 passions that emerge from Costa Rica: Coffee and Soccer, represented by the national team colors. Best of luck in the adventure that remains... Enjoy the journey...Enjoy the ride!

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Free Artisan Costa Rican Brewer

Order our 10 pound special and receive a Free Artisan Costa Rican Brewer. The original pour over, before pour over was made popular. Impress your guests as you pour them the freshest brew on the table. Offer good until May 15, 2014.

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Costa Rica Coffee | Cultural Heritage - Receiving Station

Costa Rica's coffee history and cultural heritage will be forever marked by the numerous ripe cherry coffee "receivers" (Receiving Stations) or Recibidores de Café  that can be found throughout its territory in the many different coffee plantations. Although not as emblematic as the world famous Costa Rica Coffee Ox Cart, they are without any doubt [...]

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Costa Rica Coffee Regions - Poás Volcano

Costa Rica Coffee Producing Region -  Central Valley-Volcán PoásCosta Rica has 8 coffee producing regions. One of them is the Central Valley region,  characterized by volcanic soils from three of it's most important volcanos: Irazu, Barva and Poás. The picture above depicts the crater from the Poás Volcano located in the Alajuela province. An active [...]

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French Press Brew Guide

One of the purest forms to drink coffee is via the French Press. If you are new to this method of brewing, view  our guide for a step by step instruction of how to achieve great results.Water temperature should be between 195º-205º. Coarse ground coffee is recommended. Don't forget:Enjoy the journey...Enjoy the ride!

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Cafe Artesanal

All of our coffees are a true Café Artesanal (Artisan Coffee). Always roasted and packaged by hand in small batches. Now our new one pound Artisan Bags take it one step further: Hand Stamped on a kraft bag that delivers a vintage feel, while at the same time keeping your coffee fresh for a long [...]

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Green Coffee Prices Sizzle

24-Feb-2014Brazil's Hot and Dry... Green Coffee SizzlesScorching weather and no rain in Brazil's coffee producing regions of Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo have sent coffee prices climbing very quickly in the last months. Back in November, coffee prices nearly touched the $100 mark (per 46 kilo sack of green coffee beans), whereas today, prices settled [...]

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What is Peaberry ?

Peaberrry coffee beans are a truly special "mistake" created by nature. A coffee cherry is made up of two halves or two beans. In rare cases, when these halves are forming they fuse into one creating a small round bean which is called a peaberry. Plants can not be forced to produce only peaberry coffee. However, [...]

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